Free Grammarly Premium Accounts Username & Pass 2022 🔥

Free Grammarly Premium Accounts Username & Password

Make writing easier by using a free Grammarly premium account today.

There are a number of writing tools on the market that can be used to improve writing skills, correct grammar mistakes, correct punctuation, and so on. Most writers, bloggers, freelancers, reporters, entrepreneurs, editors, and many others use AI-based writing assistants.

Leaving all the tools behind, Grammarly is at the forefront for some of its unique features.

It currently has 3 plans and they are Free, Premium, and Business plan. The free version has several feature limits. But there is no limitation in the Grammarly premium version. Since the pro version has to be bought with money, many people cannot use it.

But now there is no reason to worry. Because today you are going to get Grammarly free premium account from here. I personally purchased the below accounts for my own work. But today I am sharing those accounts with you for the purpose of help and education.

Let’s get started,

Free Grammarly Premium Accounts

Premium account details are here. Use any single account from below to your computer,

Note: If you don’t get the accounts, it means the accounts have been claimed by another user, so try to be a fast claimer. New accounts will be added here every few days. So, bookmark this page to get the next 100% workable account completely free.

Grammarly Advanced Features

Grammarly premium has lots of amazing valuable features. Before using the pro version on your device, read all the features from below that you will enjoy. Or you can skip the features part and take your account.

Correct spelling: If there is a spelling mistake when writing a sentence, many people do not notice it. But the spelling feature will show all the spelling mistakes in an article or sentence by red underline so that you can fix them in a second. It is also a free version feature.

Fix grammatical errors: Grammatical mistakes is a very common problem for all of us. If you make a grammatical mistake while writing a sentence, you can easily correct the mistake. It will enable any non-native speakers or writers to write content in the English language very well.

Use punctuation in the right place: A very common punctuation errors can change the meaning of an entire sentence. Because of this, everyone is very careful when it comes to punctuation. You will also be able to place the correct punctuation in the right place through this feature.

Choose the perfect word: You want to change a word in a sentence. Because that word is not able to make any sense of the sentence or even spoils the tone of the writing. In this case, you can easily use the engagement vocabulary.

Formality level: Keep the balance now for the formality level.

Tone adjustments: That’s the actual Grammarly premium feature that every people being loves. If you feel that the tones of writing are being broken or lost while writing, use the tone adjustments feature to balance the writing tone. Whether an article will be interesting to read depends on the tone.

Find plagiarism sentence: Do not submit online or anywhere immediately after you have finished writing. First, make sure your writing doesn’t match someone else’s copy. For this, use the Plagiarism checker feature. It will match your copy with 16 billion pages and find if there’s any copy. Without any copied text, your writing will be considered as fresh and original content. It will be grammatical mistake free content.

Grammarly keyboard: By using the Grammarly app keyboard, you’ll enjoy this grammar checker software on your Android or iPhone.

You will also enjoy many more features.

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How to Use Free Grammarly Premium

Got the account. Now learn how to use premium Grammarly account.

Step 1: At first, install the Grammarly Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Once installed, pin the extension and click the sign up option by clicking the icon button.

Step 3: Now create an account using your own email, or using Facebook, Google, Apple account, if you do have not an account here.

Step 4: You have created a free account. Now, log out from this account and log in again using the premium account that you got from the above.

That’s enough. Now you are a premium user.

And download the PC version of Grammarly premium software and download the Microsoft Office add-on if you want to use the Grammarly tool on your Doc/Docx files. After that, log in through a premium account here and enjoy all the premium features for free.

Grammarly Premium Account Cookies

Another way to enjoy the Grammarly premium free account through cookies.

Premium accounts include a cookie system that allows anyone to easily access the pro features. You can read the complete steps below on how to enjoy using pro items using cookies. But before that, get the cookies from here.

Let’s see how to use the cookie for Grammarly premium free access,

Step 1: At first, copy any cookie from here.

Step 2: Now go to the Chrome Web Extension and install the EditThisCookie extension on your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Step 3: Pin it and go to the Grammarly premium account homepage and login or sign up.

Step 4: Tap the EditThisCookie extension icon from the top right sidebar to open a cookie manager.

Step 5: In the Value section, paste the one cookie that you got and click on the green tick arrow to submit cookie changes.

Step 6: Now reload the page and you will see that you have got a premium account.

And also remember that don’t log out from here.

Grammarly Premium Free For Students

There are many schools, colleges, and universities where they provide premium Grammarly version for their students. In this case, you can contact your campus authorities to know if they are providing Grammarly for students or not. If so, you will get the code from there to access the free and premium versions.

And if not, there is no problem.

You can also purchase this writing tool from the Grammarly Edu program. If you buy it alone, it will cost $144 a year. And if you buy it as a team, it will cost $50 for a year for one person. In the case of a team, take a minimum of 3 members.

There is also no other way. Don’t waste time looking for other ways.

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Grammarly Premium Free For Lifetime

Grammarly offers only monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions for users and they don’t offer any lifetime plans. Also, they have no gift subscriptions or one-time plans. So, if you see somewhere someone will provide you a lifetime plan, it is completely wrong and unrealistic.

Then how can you use the Grammarly premium for a lifetime..?

Well, already you have seen the 2 methods to get an instant Grammarly premium account easily. If you get an account in these two ways every time and for the rest of your life, can’t it be called a lifetime? Of course, it can be said.

Watch the video now,

Grammarly Premium Price

So long as you know exactly how to enjoy pro features. But if you want to buy a premium or business package from the official website just like me, then this part is for you. Grammarly premium plan has now 3 types of packages.

Let’s look down,

  • Monthly Plan – $29.95/m
  • Quarterly Plan – $19.98/m
  • Yearly Plan – $11.66/m

Payment Method: Credit/Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, PayPal

Now, if you choose the Monthly Plan, you will be charged $29.95 and can enjoy the premium version for only one month. And if you choose the Quarterly Plan, you will be charged $19.98/m and can enjoy the premium version for 3 months (it will have a total price of $59.94). And if you choose the Yearly Premium Membership, you will be charged $11.66/m and can enjoy the premium version for 12 months (it will have a total price of $139.92).

I will suggest you take the Yearly or Annual Plan since you will use it for personal (post writing for social media platforms, chatting in WhatsApp or Gmail, etc.) or commercial purposes (blogging, writing, freelancing, communicate with your clients, etc).

Grammarly premium free trial version is not available right now, which is why you’ll not get any access code anywhere.

Grammarly Alternatives

In addition to a free Grammarly account, there are many digital writing assistants (writing tools list) in the market. You can improve your writing skills by using all the tools. But today I will write a little detail about a small number of writing tools. And see which one will be best for you as a Grammarly premium alternative.

Ginger: Ginger is the most popular alternative to Grammarly free. This tool ranks second in terms of popularity. Users will be able to do instant translation including unlimited grammar checks, unlimited rephrasing, take advanced grammar suggestions, correct spelling mistakes, etc.

The monthly cost of this Ginger tool is $19.99.

ProWritingAid: ProWritingAid will help you to write something better in a very short time and also you can improve your writing style, check mistakes faster, find the right word for a sentence, etc. Users also can integrate it with Chrome, Microsoft Office, Apple, Windows, Gmail, Mozilla, Safari, and many others.

The monthly cost of this ProWritingAid tool is $20.

PaperRater: You do not have to download PaperRater software or Chrome extension to use its grammar checks, spelling checks, automated Scoring, and online proofreading features. While online, you can enjoy all kinds of features including writing suggestions.

The monthly cost of this PaperRater tool is $14.95.

WhiteSmoke: This tool uses innovative technology to serve the best service to its users. Users can integrate this tool with MS Office, Google Docs, etc as well as every web browser. You can enjoy the features of a writing assistant tool from this tool.

The monthly cost of this WhiteSmoke tool is only $10.

LanguageTool: It is also a popular digital writing assistant. This tool will show you suggestions on how to style sentences and keep tones right. It also has all the common features including grammar check, spelling mistakes, etc. There are currently add-ons for Docs and Microsoft Word.

The monthly cost of this LanguageTool is only $19.


I hope you have read the whole article carefully and got the desired information about this writing tool.

So, request you to share the free Grammarly premium accounts with your friends, family, or any valuable person. Because they may also need all these premium free account for their own work. And make sure to bookmark this page on your browser or notepad.

Since I share premium stuff for education or help, so you will get more Grammarly premium for free.

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