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Free Twitter Accounts With Passwords List

A lot of free Twitter accounts are available here.

Twitter is the most popular microblogging social network platform. People basically share short posts about their daily life, breaking news, entertainment update, sports, politics, website news, etc with their fans and followers. At the same time, they also get updates from other people.

Again there are many people who use this platform to perform their various business (such as service based agency, freelancer, IT business, or any offline business, etc.) tasks. In this case, it is seen that many of them need lots of accounts. But opening so many Twitter accounts is difficult for many.

If you have the same problem, there is no need to worry.

Because here you are going to get several Twitter free accounts that can be used on your computer or mobile device. And all of those accounts can be used for personal or business purposes. These accounts have up to 1000, 10,000, and 100K followers.

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Free Twitter Accounts

There are Twitter account lists with passwords. Just copy them, save to your computer notepad or mobile notepad, and use. All accounts have been created by our team members. This is why these are not fake accounts and will work 100%.

Note: If you don’t get the Twitter accounts, it means the accounts have been claimed by another user, so try to be a fast claimer. This list will be updated regularly. It would be a good idea to bookmark this page in your Notepad to get a new account.

Free Twitter Account Features

Below are the details of the features you will enjoy on the Twitter website. Or you can skip the features part and save the accounts directly to your notepad.

Topics: You can now follow up on Topics (Business, Careers, Fitness, Sports, Fashion, Technology, News, Entertainment, Travel, Music, Science, Gaming, etc.) that are of great interest to you. By doing this, when someone will tweet about those things, you will immediately get them on News Feed.

Share media files: From your free Twitter account, share posts, photos, videos, or any kind of media files with your fans and followers. Similarly, with the Direct Message feature, you can send any type of file to any person in a message privately.

Create moments: You can only write up to 280 characters in a single tweet and can’t write more than that. But you can write thousands of characters and words by creating Moments or Thread. There is no limit to this. It will give you a full opportunity to express your thoughts.

View tweet activity: After tweeting, it is very important to know exactly how many people have seen that tweet, how many have been engaged, and how many media views. By doing this, it is known exactly what type of post people like.

Trending: Use the Twitter what’s happening feature to find out exactly what people in your country are discussing right now. You will also be able to select the location of any country and learn more about the trending topics of that country.

Dark mode: In 2020, Twitter authorities introduced the Dark Mode feature. Also, you can change the font size (extra small, small, default, large, and extra large), color (6 colors available), and background (defaults, dim, and lights out) from the display option.

Use multiple accounts: Add an existing account is now too much easy from a desktop or mobile app.

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Create Twitter Account With Same Email

There are lots of people who need to use multiple Twitter accounts for their personal work or commercial purpose. But if opens so many ID, many people cannot remember the email addresses of all the accounts. This is why many people want to keep all their Twitter profiles in one email.

A guide to how to do this using a trick is shared below,

Step 1: At first, create lots of Gmail account using the “.” or “+” mark. Such as, [email protected] is our original Gmail account. We will create now such [email protected], or [email protected] accounts.

[Note: If you create this type of Gmail account, Google will not count the “.” or “+” mark, and they will send all the emails to the original account without the “.” or “+” account. This is the trick you have to use actually.]

Step 2: Now, go to the official Twitter website or open the Android or iOS application.

Step 3: Press the Sign up button and create many accounts using each Gmail one by one.

Step 4: You will now be able to log in to all profiles using your original Gmail.

For now, can’t create multiple accounts using an email address from a company other than Google Mail.

Want to know how to create Twitter account without phone number? Watch the video from below,

Twitter Account Generator

There are many types of online generators where many types of accounts can be generated for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. But today we will know exactly how to generate Twitter account easily, but again with just one click.

So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Go to the generator website (link has been removed for some reason, but will be added again) first.

Step 2: Click on the T icon to generate a new account.

Step 3: Provide any random Twitter username and password and tap continue.

Step 4: Since it will take some time to create an account, please wait.

Step 5: Done, now log in by using this new email address and password.

No matter how many Fake Twitter account you need, you can easily make them.

Free Twitter Alternative

There are many good alternatives (social networks) to this platform. A few are discussed below,

Facebook: Facebook is the most popular social media that developed by Mark Zuckerberg. Using this website or application, people can share or view photos, videos, and files with or from friends and followers. Also, people can chat with each other, talk on video or audio calls.

It is a free platform, but you have to see advertisements.

Instagram: Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social platform developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. But now it’s run by the Facebook company. Here people can share their pictures and short & long videos. Also, can view other users’ media files at the same time.

It is also a free platform, but you have to see advertisements.

WeChat: WeChat is a Chinese messaging and social application developed by Tencent Holdings Limited. On this platform, you can connect with your friends, family members, or any strangers. You can chat with them, make calls, share files, and much more.

It’s free, but there are lots of premium services including game upgrades, account verification, etc.


Hopefully, you have enjoyed this unique and informative article.

And you have already taken note of all the profiles on your mobile phone or computer. Since you have collected the free Twitter accounts and passwords list, please change the password now. So that no one else can access your personal belongings.

Of course, be sure to share the article with your friends.

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